six steps to achieving your goals

The Universe is waiting to give you what you want. Here is a simple formula to bring whatever you desire into manifestation.

Be crystal clear about what you desire. Write it down, in detail. Visualize your desire as if it has already happened – what does it feel like, look like, smell like?

Look for evidence to support the idea you are bringing into manifestation. We are making up a story about everything that happens in our lives. So let everything you see and experience be an affirmation of that which you wish to manifest.

Let go and let God. Leave the “how” up to the Universe. You don’t dig up a seed after it’s planted to see if it’s growing, do you? Cultivate an attitude of alert and relaxed anticipation.

Spend time in the silence, and listen for two things: instructions from the Universe, and an awareness of what may be blocking your good, such as resentment, unworthiness, fear, etc.

When you receive guidance, act on it! Don’t wait, seize the moment. Practice forgiveness and release. Just take the next right step.

Go ahead and say ‘thank you’ to God, the Universe, the Great Spirit, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Whatever It Is that you believe in, even before you’ve made your demonstration. An attitude of gratitude is sure to draw your good to you!

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