There is no condition of mind or body that cannot be lifted up. The life-giving Spirit is ever-present in me, through me, and as me.

The ancient alchemists believed in the process of transmutation to change base metals into gold. The key to unlocking this process was thought to be the mysterious Philosopher’s Stone.

Charles Fillmore wrote in the Revealing Word that transmutation is a “lifting up of mind and body, from material aspect to spiritual character”. In the book of Luke, chapter 24, we see this idea symbolized by the visitation of Jesus to the disciples after his resurrection, who “opened their minds to the scripture.”

Once we realize that the key to transmutation is not found outside of us, but is actually the life-giving Christ within us, our minds are opened to the possibility that any condition of mind or body can be lifted up and transmuted into something greater.

  • from the 2018 Lent booklet published by Unity


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