negations and affirmations to start your day

Two of the most powerful tools we use in the practice of New Thought Principles are Negations and Affirmations. These tools are used to consciously reprogram our subconscious mind. We negate the unreal and affirm the Truth. Here are some examples that you can use at the beginning of your day, or at any time that you want to remind yourself of what you are – a shining expression of the Divine.


Maybe I can’t, but the Divine Presence can.  It is Infinite Power and Infinite Wisdom, and nothing can challenge or oppose it.

Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.

This thought (situation, person) has no power over me.

The Infinite Power and Infinite Intelligence within me knows no obstructions, delays or impediments.

There is nothing that can separate me from God, for God is all there is.

There is no absence of life, substance, or intelligence in Omnipresent Good.


With every breath I take, I know that God is in charge.

This is God’s day. It is filled with Peace, Happiness, Joy and Success.

I look forward with a happy expectancy to this day.

The wisdom and inspiration of the Almighty governs me throughout this day.

Everything I do turns out in a wonderful way.

I believe that Infinite Intelligence is guiding me, and Divine Love fills my soul.

I turn my eyes to the hills (the powers within me) from whence cometh my help.

I know that Infinite Intelligence watches over me all day today and at all times everywhere.

I let go. I am poised, serene and calm.

Divine Law and Order reign supreme in my life.

The radiance of my pure essence constantly illumines my mind and consciousness.




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