dale_headshot_029 SMALLReverend Dale Worley is the senior minister at Unity of Savannah, a Center for Spiritual Awakening in Savannah, Georgia.

Rev. Dale served for four years as Music Coordinator and member of the Spirit Path retreat team at Unity Village, the International Headquarters of the Unity movement located near Kansas City, Missouri.

He has traveled extensively throughout the United States since 2005 sharing a message of Love and Oneness through speaking, music, retreats, workshops and spiritual events.




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  1. I was thinking about the old days in Whitwell during high school. Thought I would type your name in and see where you were at now. It’s been about 37 yrs I suppose. I’ve been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1984. Not currently pastoring. Working as an electrician and industrial mechanic in Soddy Daisy. I still live in Whitwell. Take care. Email me sometime to say hi.


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