Thanks, Kyle!

ImageI just want to give a shout out to KYLE SHIVER for helping me to get going with a new website.  He set this up for me so I could update it myself and I really appreciate it!  Please check out his blog THE SPIRIT CENTER.  Kyle is an amazing musician, meditation teacher and spiritual life coach.  He is also our new social media pro at Unity of Savannah!  He speaks and does music at our church in Savannah and at other New Thought centers across the country.  He also leads monthly meditation services at Unity of Savannah and other places around town.  Plus he’s the best slide blues guitar player I ever met!  Kyle, we love you, we bless you, we appreciate you!

The Trip to Beaumont (11/6-9)

This was a very interesting adventure. I had originally booked a weekend retreat at Unity of Beaumont this weekend and for a number of reasons Rev. Sondra and I decided to cancel it. After some discussion we decided I would come anyway, and do the talk and the music at the Sunday service, as well as a concert that afternoon. My last moment travel plans included a flight to Houston, and a bus ride from Houston to Beaumont. My “inner whiner” was finding all kinds of things to complain about, but I shifted my focus and affirmed that this trip was indeed an adventure, and a lot of fun, with plenty of opportunities to explore and engage in situations outside of my usual life experience.

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How I spent my weekend in Savannah

  • Enjoying hospitality with Robert, Richard and Dale at the Los Robles CenterSavannah
  • Rehearsing with the Love Tones
  • Spending a lazy afternoon in conversation with Robert
  • Taking a nap
  • Standing on the street corner with Robert, Richard and Gordy the dog, waving as Dale drives by in his trolley
  • Laying in lawn chairs with Dale at the Savannah Music Festival, listening to the Savannah Jazz Orchestra, eating kettle corn and looking at the stars, surrounded by people gathered around little tables with candles and oil lamps, a human butterfly dancing among us
  • Speaking and playing music at the Unity Center for Spiritual Awakening, engaging the people, greeting new friends and making more, loving and being loved
  • Attending a meeting of the English Speaking Union at the Landings with Sid, dressed to the nines, gossiping, and being mistaken for a movie star
  • Dining on River Street with Dale at Tubby’s, on a balcony overlooking the street, watching the boats coming into port and the people passing by, and making dumb jokes
  • Eating pralines at the Savannah Candy Company, despite my commitment to abstain from sugar
  • Running in Forsythe Park with my MP3 player, admiring the fountain, the trees, the moss, the SCAD students, the tourists, the street people, and the men working on the new community center
  • Having lunch with Rev. Arlene at Sweet Potatoes, laughing, planning, sharing, ordering two sweet potatoes by mistake and eating both of them
  • Walking in the park with Arlene and Willow
  • Experiencing healing touch by Richard at Los Robles Spa
  • Ordering sushi, onion soup, seaweed/crab salad and hot tea at Ta Ca with Richard, Robert and Dale
  • Throwing a tennis ball for Gordy
  • Commissioning Eric to create an individualized work of art for me that symbolizes my new life in Savannah
  • Laying in bed at Los Robles with the lights off gazing out the window at the sky
  • Feeling a deep sense of joy and gratitude that is still with me

Garden Party in Eau Claire, WI

Today was a great day! I am in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at Unity Christ Center ( This is one of my “home churches” and I visit here at least once a year. Today was their annual Garden Party and it was my second time to play this.

FAITH stoneThis morning we did the Sunday service outside in their beautiful garden area. I setup my keyboard on the gazebo which is inlaid with square stones bearing the names of people, divine ideas, etc. It was a gorgeous day. I spoke on “living an undivided life”, and did all the music, supported by Nancy Hirsch, a beautiful woman who was the platform person for the day.

The meditation that morning was incredible, as I basically just called our attention to all the sounds and feelings of being outside together on a wonderful day, with the reminder that everything we were experiencing were expressions of God. As we sat together in stillness, we could hear the songs of the birds in the trees, some of the littler kids playing in the rocks, and the not too very distant ring of wind chimes that had been hung in honor of our dear Savannah who passed over last year. (I was honored to help lead her memorial service and that is an experience I will always cherish.) We felt the breeze on our cheeks and the sun on our faces and knew the touch of God.

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